Thursday, April 29, 2010

A comic book project...

This is my Masters of the Universe project. When it's done it'll be 6 short funny stories (4 pages each). Published in 6 larger comic books along side other artists.


  1. Hi Nikolay,

    First of all: nice work!
    second: you should change your settings so that the word 'comments' is in looks more inviting for an international public.

    third: Overall it seems that every detail and every area in your images are as saturated and detailed as the other. I think if you use more visual focus in your work to lead the viewers eye it will be better.

  2. Hi Michel, thank you for the advice - I changed my language to english. And I know what you mean by leading the viewers eye - I've had this problem for ages but I'm working on it :)!
    And btw - awesome blog you've got - will keep an eye on it for sure :)!

  3. I really like the colors in this one, actually. sometimes a unity of colors can be really helpful for establishing a mood- and i think in this peice it works quite succesfully